30 Years in the Making…

CarfulanAlmost three decades ago, in a small corner of Derbyshire, the founder directors set in motion a chain of events that would eventually lead us to the Carfulan Group as we know it today.

Though we now have four companies under the group umbrella, offering the full range of complementary manufacturing technologies, back in 1989 there was just one clear focus.

Independent Calibration’s objective was to offer services to co-ordinate measurement machine users – and it was a business that soon began making waves.

Within two years globally recognised names such as Land Rover, Rolls-Royce and Ford had contracted Independent Calibration to oversee the maintenance of all of their machines, leading to a decision to start selling its own.

It capitalised on an opportunity to become the UK sales and service representative for both Sheffield Measurement and OGP Inc, world leaders in the field of metrology, and to reflect the new focus the name Independent Calibration was replaced by DISC (GB).

Soon after came a move to a bigger premises in Hatton, South Derbyshire, before the purchase of CNC Inspection Services and a subsequent merger with DISC (GB) further strengthened its grip on the market.

As recently as 2002, when DISC (GB) became OGP UK Ltd, there was a core staff level of 10. However, a decision to focus solely on selling OGP machines brought an instant rise in sales from 10 systems a year to around 35, and things grew rapidly.

In 2007, what would become a key foray into 3D printing was undertaken in the form of SYS Systems. The group secured the UK representation of tool presetting and analysis giant ZOLLER in 2012, and then for turned-part measurement specialist VICIVISION in 2016.

With the complete range of front-to-back manufacturing technologies on offer came the name change to the Carfulan Group and now the business is based at its Innovation Centre in Foston, a state-of-the-art facility used to demonstrate best-in-class products to both existing and potential customers.


It’s been quite a journey so far.