Front-to-back manufacturing – what is the Carfulan Group all about?

Guided by our core values of ‘Precision, Performance, Perfected,’ our mission at the Carfulan Group is to help businesses of all sizes make the very best products they can in the most efficient way available.

We pledge to help our customers push the very boundaries of innovation and exceed even their own expectations.

We do this by offering the full range of complementary manufacturing technologies, from design through production to quality control, across four independent companies each equally knowledgeable and passionate about their products and services.

OGP UK has, for more than 20 years, specialised in advanced optical, multi-sensor and non-contact equipment to accurately measure and collect data about manufactured parts via a single machine.

Real-time, repeatable and reliable data collection allows manufacturers to collect a variety of data and gauge characteristics of even the most complex components quickly and without human error, making an OGP unit the ultimate must-have for controlling production processes.

That means reduced scrap, fewer production bottlenecks, less rework and faster throughput, enabling products to be brought into the marketplace more quickly.

SYS Systems is the UK platinum partner for Stratasys 3D printing equipment and software, supplying, installing and supporting the full range. It offers a vast array of material capabilities for designers and manufacturers keen to print even more realistic prototypes and parts.

By eliminating the need for outsourcing and through an ability to produce high-quality end-use parts, technology provided by SYS Systems not only helps to speed up production, reduce waste and maximise profitability but puts a world of design possibilities at the fingertips.

ZOLLER UK is the only company on these shores solely dedicated to supplying offline tool pre-setting and analysis equipment, helping to ensure tools are of the right quality to create accurate and conforming parts prior to machining.

Not only does this eliminate human error and increase spindle-on time, but better quality control also increases tool life, reduces tool costs, eliminates scrap and enhances a company’s reputation.

ZOLLER UK also specialises in tool management solutions by making stock quantities, stock location, tool life data and work schedules available across all departments of a business.

VICIVISION UK aims to increase production efficiency while reducing down time for manufacturers by supplying high-performance optical and non-contact measuring machines for cylindrical parts such as shafts, valves, screws and threaded inserts.

VICIVISION machines makes immediate data capture available next to multiple machining centres, to more than one operator, at the touch of a button, eliminating manufacturing lulls by removing the need to leave the production environment.

No avoidable errors, no transportation of parts, increased flexibility, a reduction in scrap and less rework means an instant return on investment.